Rhabarber Galette mit Mandeln | Schritt für Schritt Backanleitung

Super hübsch anzusehen und nicht so schwer zu backen wie sie aussieht. Diese Rhabarber Galette stand schon lange auf unserer Rezept Liste. Da stehen ja so ca. 8 Mio weitere Ideen drauf. Knackige Rhabarber Saison Rhabarber hat jetzt Saison! Von Mitte April bis Ende Juni bekommt man die fein säuerlichen Stangen in fast allen Märkten. … Weiterlesen

South Africa | Experience an amazing Safari in the Kapama Game Reserve

*Advertisement | This entry is supported by Kapama Private Game Reserve in South Africa Safari in South Africa „I never knew of a morning in Africa that I woke up and was not happy.“ – Ernest Hemingway, US American writer. This is exactly what I felt. This year in September in the South African bush. … Weiterlesen

Going on Safari to once experience the Big Five Close-Up

For most people a high-grade safari is the absolute highlight in their lives. Many people dream of experiencing the Big Five (leopard, elephant, rhino, lion and buffaloes) close-up and of shooting animal pictures at close range. Game drives in open off-road vehicles with a view across the wide landscape and the thrill which animal one … Weiterlesen

Caesar Salad & Cookbooks and Sonnentor giveaway

This Blog Post is sponsored by Greenkitchenstories, Nourish Atelier & Sonnentor In Love with vegetarian Cookbooks As a Food Blogger it’s not a secret that I have a big passion for good cookbooks. I already selected a lot of vegan and vegetarian masterpieces. Last year a bough a book shelves from a cabinetmaker to arrange all … Weiterlesen

3 super easy and healthy breakfast ideas

Are you a breakfast lover or do you prefer to eat nothing early in the morning? It’s not that bad to start the day with a healthy and delicious breakfast! You are in hurry very often? Try out one of my 3 super easy and healthy breakfast ideas. 5 reasons why you should eat breakfast … Weiterlesen

Creamy One Pot Pasta cheese and spinach – all in one pot

One Pot Pasta as a symbol for my life It’s magical! You don’t have to bother with boiling pasta in a separate pot. You’re looking at a lot less clean-up? Try out this one pot pasta and you will see it’s so easy. This recipe idea comes from Martha Steward – an american business woman. … Weiterlesen

Why you need a Digital Detox – overcome FOMO

Did you heard about that new buzzword social media detox? It’s not a secret you can get crazy by using social media daily. Unfortunately we all care what people think of us. We all want to feel accepted. We all want to feel liked. As Jason from jasondoesstuff told us “Social media multiplies those thoughts … Weiterlesen

Bake something super cute – reindeer cookies with almond butter

Christmas Fan – yes or no? Are you a christmas fan? Do you love to bake the whole December and decorate your home? I need to tell you that I’m not the biggest pre-christmas fan. I always forget to bake and decorate my house. This year I forget to arrange my Advent wreath. [KGVID]http://nutsandblueberries.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Rentiere.mp4[/KGVID] Reindeer … Weiterlesen

Low Carb No bake pistachio curd cake

As promised I’m happy to share this amazing pistachio cake with you. I developed the recipes for a campaign called #colorfulfood from sony. I shared the full content and recipes on their German Website and can’t be more proud. It was a lovely project with other named Blogger like Kraut-Kopf, Trickytine, Pinimarini and Backbube. It’s always … Weiterlesen

Foolproof low carb super healthy fruity nut loaf

Are you cookbook addicted as well? I’m working on a big giveaway for you. I want to giveaway some of my favorite cookbooks as well as some favorite products from on of my favorite organic brand. As you read in my latest blog post I’m a hobbyblogger and have less time to publish a new post … Weiterlesen