Low Carb No bake pistachio curd cake

As promised I’m happy to share this amazing pistachio cake with you. I developed the recipes for a campaign called #colorfulfood from sony. I shared the full content and recipes on their German Website and can’t be more proud. It was a lovely project with other named Blogger like Kraut-Kopf, Trickytine, Pinimarini and Backbube. It’s always … Weiterlesen

Learning more about Dark and Moody Food Photography and Lightroom Presets

To find his own photography style needs a lot of time. When I began with Food Photography in 2015 I can’t decide which style I love more. The bright or the dark one. I definitely tried out a lot in the last 2 years and I was frustrated so often. But I learned more and … Weiterlesen

Avocado-cheese-sandwich with blackberry mustard

Blackberries from my own garden! A dream! We moved in our own wooden house 4 years ago and we got a small blackberry bush from friends which I directly plant in front of our house. I picked my first blackberries two years later. It’s a pleasure to hold your own fruits in your hand. I can’t wait … Weiterlesen

Anti-Aging with Coconut Water and Coconut Peeling against Cellulite

This post is sponsored by Holly’s Natural

Holliesnatural nab (2)

Who knows me and follow me for a while know that I love a healthy living and take care of the balance in my life. Not only the right diet is important for me. First and foremost I’m aware of living. Find time for me and do things I really love is so important to feel good and get back energy.

I’ve been to the Maldives and drank a lot of fresh coconut water. There are so many reasons to drink more of this natural liquid. Sure you don’t get fresh coconuts everywhere but you can buy the natural water in supermarkets. Here are some fact about the health benefits of coconut water:

  • Coconut Water is perfect for a clear and soft Skin because the Minerals clean up the Skin from the inside
  • The ingredients in coconut water are the best to hydrating your Body
  • Coconut water contains 5 of the essential electrolytes that are really healthy for your Body
  • Coconut Water is very low in calories

Beside Yoga and Meditation I practice my own wellness regularly. I tried out my new Holly’s Natural Peeling and Oil and I’m really excited about the results. Normally I want to make my own peeling with natural products and I collect all the magazines where I find those recipes. But until know I was too lazy to try it out. So I’m really happy to found that alternative from Holly’s Natural.

Holliesnatural nab (1)

They have a peeling made from coffee. Coffee is an essential aid for most people to get started in the morning not only due to its delicious taste. Did you know, coffee is a true miracle cure for your skin? Besides this Coffee not only contains beneficial antioxidants it also has the power of caffein. Our natural reviver has the strength to activate an enzyme called triacylglycerol lipase. This enzyme breaks down fat by releasing water into fatty acids and glycerin, which soothes the appearance of unwanted cellulite. Also, when using coffee as a scrub and massaging onto your skin, it eliminates dead skin, stimulates your body’s blood circulation which has a tightening and smoothing effect on your skin.

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The peeling also contains coconut oil. Coconuts rich and precious Oils are attained through its dried pulp. Coconut Oil is definitely a rising star amongst other cosmetic Oils. It bursts with the goodness of Laurin, Capryl and Myricstic Acid and also contains Vitamin B and E. I will never forget how the father of my friend rub his face with coconut oil I normally cook with. That was too funny. Coconut Oil is so good for your skin.

Furthermore you find Almond Oil in the Body Oil. Normally I eat them. I eat Almonds nearly every day. In my breakfast or as an Almond Butter. Self-made Almond Butter is the best snack. Almonds consists of around 80% oil acid, 15% linoleic acid and about 5% of palmitic acid. It also benefits from Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, E and protein. It turns rough skin into smooth beautiful skin. Leaves skin feeling moisturised, soft and looked after.

You find 2 products on Holly’s Naturals Website. They explained their products so lovely and I really love the package as well. You find the Body Oil and the Body scrup their selfs or a package of both.

  • Coconut Crush – Body Scrub
    I am after cellulite, skin impurities, dryness, redness and acne. My super weapons include exclusively selected organic Arabica Coffee, a large helping of Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Organic Cane Sugar and natural finished Sea Salt paired with the irresistible scent of the Coconut.
  • Daily Detox – Body Oil
    I can help you to detoxify your body and fight stretch marks and cellulite. My secret weapons for a cleaner body are essential organic grapefruit oil and mandarin oil as well as virgin organic argan oil, almond oil, grape seed oil and coconut oil.
  • Body Scrub & Body Oil Set
    The perfect duo in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks. Use our Daily Detox Body Oil and Coconut Crush Body Scrub for an incredibly soft and supple skin. Now at an unbeatable price!


JAR Love

JAR-Love! I am sure it is not a secret that women (and men) and food blogger loves every type of jars! My hubby always told me I have enough jars but I don’t think so. There are so many different jars out there looking for a sweet home. I open the door at any time to let them in :o).

Two of my kitchen drawer are full of jars and it is a fight at every day to decide which jar I like to use. So sometimes I use different sizes to make it really pretty.
Most of the time I use my jars for food but you can also use them for pretty flower arrangements or something else.

I started with pickle jars to place my breakfast in. Soon after I find jam jars and olive jars very pretty. LOL. You see, you can use any jar you want to use. But at the end I felt totally in love with mason jars produced in America. I had the possibility to test some out for a German Online shop which is running by a young girl. I love the spirit of this lady because she live her dream with selling her beautiful jars.

Perfect to use jars is chis pudding and overnight oats. You can easily place them in the evening in the jar and let soak overnight in the fridge. In the morning you have a really nice arranged breakfast on Hand. You can also place salads in jars and decorate it for your guest with herbs.

You see the different sizes in the Picture. I love it to see how many possibilities I have for my Food Arrangements. I don’t nearly have all sizes. Will order the missing ones soon.

Happy „Jaring“ my friends!