JAR Love

JAR-Love! I am sure it is not a secret that women (and men) and food blogger loves every type of jars! My hubby always told me I have enough jars but I don’t think so. There are so many different jars out there looking for a sweet home. I open the door at any time to let them in :o).

Two of my kitchen drawer are full of jars and it is a fight at every day to decide which jar I like to use. So sometimes I use different sizes to make it really pretty.
Most of the time I use my jars for food but you can also use them for pretty flower arrangements or something else.

I started with pickle jars to place my breakfast in. Soon after I find jam jars and olive jars very pretty. LOL. You see, you can use any jar you want to use. But at the end I felt totally in love with mason jars produced in America. I had the possibility to test some out for a German Online shop which is running by a young girl. I love the spirit of this lady because she live her dream with selling her beautiful jars.

Perfect to use jars is chis pudding and overnight oats. You can easily place them in the evening in the jar and let soak overnight in the fridge. In the morning you have a really nice arranged breakfast on Hand. You can also place salads in jars and decorate it for your guest with herbs.

You see the different sizes in the Picture. I love it to see how many possibilities I have for my Food Arrangements. I don’t nearly have all sizes. Will order the missing ones soon.

Happy „Jaring“ my friends!


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