How to make Nutritious Chocolate Mousse

How to make Nutritious Chocolate Mousse

Nutritious healthy chocolate mousse??? Yes. That’s possible! With this recipe!

Easily use raw chocolate powder and any healthy sweetener and you got it! This chocolate mousse is unbelievable creamy and taste like heaven if you are a chocolate fan or not. I am not the biggest but I also really love that mousse. You need only to use chia seeds to make this mousse creamy and raw chocolate without any additional sugar to make it healthy. Some People often buy ready chocolate yoghurt or Pudding because they have no idea how to make a healthy Version. You can prepare a few portions in advance and keep them in the fridge for up to 4 days.

Discovering new ingredients for my meals are really exciting for me so I’m really happy to found coconut sugar as an option for
other unhealthy sweetener like raffinated sugar of agave syrup. As I read agave syrup is also not the best option. Damn!
I learn and learn and learn. But that’s ok. Otherwise life would be very boring, right?!

So back to this delicious parfait. You Need to Keep it in the fridge before serving to make sure it get solid. The chia seeds are often use as a natural binder. These seeds are not only healthy, they are very helpful for vegans to use it instead of eggs.

I took over this recipe from one of my Instagram friends. They are so many amazing girls out there who really love healthy food. It’s so amazing to share that love with them (girls, you know who I mean ;o)). Myf from deliciouslylegal is a young enthusiastic woman who loves to cook healthy, grain and dairy free recipes. I used less sugar and almond milk instead of coconut milk (because I forgot to buy it LOL).

Try out my chocolate mousse version or jump over to Myf to check her version:

Nutritious Chocolate Mousse

Serve 3 big jars

60g chai seeds
40g brazil nuts
50g raw cacao
50g coconut sugar
500ml almond milk
1 pinch salt

Coconut Yoghurt or any other sweetened yoghurt of your choice
Fresh fruits (like raspberries)
chocolate pieces (I use lovechock)

1. Add all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until the Parfait is really creamy.
2. Top with coconut yoghurt or sweetened yoghurt of your choice.

DSC_0148 - Kopie (2)

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