Well protected with Vitamin C and D

Do you know which Vitamins are important for you? Do you know where you can get them from? After my reseraches I regognized I need to eat a big variety of different fruits, legumes and vegetables to get a good Vitamin mix. For example oranges – they are full of Vitamin C. Everyone knows this. … Weiterlesen

How to make elderberry juice and elderberry chia pudding

As you can see in one of my latest posts I used Elderflowers for my chia pudding – Elderflower infused coconut mousse with strawberries. Now – a few weeks later – the elderberries are ripe and I can’t be more happy to pick them and use them for my next chia pudding recipe. They are … Weiterlesen

Detox Tea and colorful summer ice cubes

Happiness and Tea are so close together. Everytime when I’m drinking tea I’m happy – and I drink a lot of tea. Mental Awareness – the L-Theanine in tea! Did you know there is not only caffeine in tea? Yes, caffeine is one of the best known brain-booster. It’s effects are wakefulness and attention. Caffeine is … Weiterlesen

How to improve the bioavailability from turmeric – Turmeric Lemonade

When we eat healthy we think we eat healthy. But is this right? I’m not sure. I read bad news that some food I eat isn’t really healthy because of pesticides or other chemical substances. To eat really healthy is sometimes difficult and lots of self-study. It isn’t possible all the time. What is bioavailability? … Weiterlesen

Juicing – more energy in everyday life

Juicing! What a mess when you try it out by yourself without a good juicer. Haha. Okay maybe I should have start with beetroot ;o). So I decided to buy a juicer. I was concerned with juicing the last two weeks and can’t be more happy with my learning effects. Since I drank fresh pressed carrot-celery juice on the Maldives this year I planned to buy me juicer as well. Half a year ago. After receiving my juicer 4 weeks ago I started directly with juicing and was totally excited with the result. Everybody who match a supermarket juice with a fresh pressed juice will never drank a supermarket juice again. Fresh pressed juice is so much fresher than bought one. And it contains much more vitamins and minerals like stored one.

Juicing and Detox? What’s the context?

Detox means to detoxify your body. To clear your body from toxins and other harmful substances. They are many different ways to detoxify. One way it to use your diary another way is to use cosmetics and help your skin to detoxify. Detox means also to avoid any harmful things like smoking or less sleep. I implement a few detoxifying components in my life. One example is drinking warm water the whole day long or sleep enough. For me it’s very important to feel good with all I’m doing. I need to have fun and I need to live the right balance between living “unhealthy” and “healthy”. I recognize a big wellbeing since I relax more often during the day. Meanwhile I even meditate and can’t live without. An no meditation has nothing to do with esoteric ;o). Maybe the following app is helpful for you: Mindapps

I write about two Detox opportunities in this post.

  1. Detox juicing

  2. Detox juice recipes

20160816 Apple fennel juice nab 3 (1 von 1)

1. Detox Juicing

Juicing helps you absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables and fruits. Fresh pressed juices are an excellent easy way to support your immune system with vitamins and minerals. You can easily press a fresh and healthy juice with the right juicer. I tried out a slow juicer in the last weeks and I’m absolutely convinced. Does speed really matter? Yes it does. Slow juicers are slow because they need to use a pressing force to get the juice through the filter without creating too much heat and friction. With juicing you can vary your vegetables easily. Many people eat the same vegetable dishes every day.

1.1. Difference between smoothie and juices

My first questions was if fresh juices are better than smoothies and what’s the difference? It’s important to understand juices are not a replacer for smoothies. You can drink juices alone as a juice cleanse but most of the times you can drink fresh juices additional to your normal diet. Both have great health advantages. Smoothies and juices are pure nutrients in a jar. They give you an energy boost and taste amazing. To make fresh homemade juice you need a juice machine. Juice is the water and most of the nutrients that have been separated from the fibrous pulp. The body requires little effort to absorb nutrients in juice when fiber is removed. I try to drink my fresh pressed juice additional to my regularly diet to clean my bowels.


1.2. The biggest benefit to drink juice

When you drink juice, highly concentrated vitamins rapidly enter the bloodstream absorbing all of the nutrition’s of the fruits and vegetables. Bottled juices from the supermarket are pasteurized. They are heated and processed, which can kill vitamins and minerals. Drink life with fresh pressed juice! You can simply add whatever you want in your juice. If you prefer it sweeter add more sweet fruits. If you prefer it more special add some wild herbs. You can combine many different vegetable, herbs and fruits.

1.3. Juicing techniques

I decided to use a “Slow Juicer”. I want to explain a little bit about exactly what a “slow juicer” is, for those of you who don’t know it. This technique is also called cold juicer. For beginner, you will have to cut your vegetable and fruits into smaller pieces and feed the pieces slowly enough to not overwhelm the machine. This can be a little more time-consuming, but I love it. For me it is a kind of meditation. I don’t want to hurry up while preparing my juice. I clock how time-investing it really is to make my own juices with my machine and I only need 15 minutes to cut my vegetables and fruits, to produce the juice and to clean the machine. To be honest, that isn’t much time.

1.4. My choice – Hurom Juicer

After my research I was sure I will use a Slow Squeeze Technology which functionality is similar to how you would hand-squeeze an orange instead of shredding fruits and vegetables. This technique minimizing damaging ingredients and keeping natural taste and nutrition intact. The Hurom Juicer isn’t the cheapest juicer in the market but for my it is important to have fun and a high quality machine to make sure I will not damage nutrition. The Hurom Juicer rotates at just 45RPM, ensuring an even gentler process of squeezing the juice from your fruit and vegetables. What results is the purest of juices that preserves even more vitamins and the best possible taste. The model I use is really easy to clean. I didn’t expect it’s so simple.

I have this model: Hurom Juicer

2. Detox Recipes

Red cabbage pear juice

¼ small red cabbage
2 pears
1 piece fennel

Cut all vegetables and fruits in pieces and place them in your juicer.

Apple fennel juice

2 sweet apples
½ fennel

Cut all vegetables and fruits in pieces and place them in your juicer.

20160816 Apple fennel juice nab 3 (1 von 1)

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Make the perfect Smoothie more filling

Doesn’t sound that good? Perfect Smoothie?

Self-made smoothies are a perfect breakfast for everyone who like to give yourself a treat.
A lot of people asked me a lot of questions about my smoothies. I was really surprised about the big interested in how I make my breakfast smoothies. So I am really happy to share my experiences with you.

Banana Strawberry Milkshake

The Top-Smoothie Questions from you:

  1. Do you get really replete by drinking a smoothie?
  2. What are the best ingredients for a perfect smoothie?
  3. What fruits are the best for making a smoothie?
  4. Can I really add vegetables or greens in my smoothie?
  5. What do you use to get a creamy smoothie?

1. Do you get really replete by drinking a smoothie?

Most of the people are really thinking drinking a smoothie can’t make you replete until lunch time. Sure, it depends on what you are use in sour smoothie. If you are only use water, a salad leaf and an apple you will never get replete until lunch time (about 4-5 hours). But if you add nuts, seeds, chia seeds or coconut milk you will get full for sure. I don’t calculate my smoothie on calories, I normally eat until my stomach said stop. But a friend of my calculate one smoothie from me and came to 500-600 calories per jar. So in this case I drink one big smoothie in the morning and eat normal lunch 4-5 hours later.

2. What are the best ingredients for a perfect smoothie?

If you like to keep you full for longer you need to add nuts or seeds to your smoothie as well. I prefer soaked cashew nuts because they have a light nutty taste. Oats or soaked buckwheat are also a great smoothie ingredient. Soaking the nuts, seeds, grains or buckwheat overnight makes them more digestible. If you like only to provide your body with amazing healthy vitamins and minerals you can also drink a “light” perfect smoothie (only water and some fruits or greens) here and there. My preference is to use a smoothie as a breakfast so my smoothies are really substantial. I try to bring a big variety in my smoothies during the week. Sometimes I only make fruit smoothies, sometimes I mix up some kale or spinach with a banana and mix it up. Most of the people who saw my Kale smoothie talking about it: “Kale in a smoothie? That couldn’t be delicious!” Trust me! It is. Because I don’t mix up ONLY KALE. It is the combination of kale, natural sweetener like dates, some fruits and milk. Why not use greens in a smoothie to get a big burst of vitamins and minerals to start in the day?

3. What fruits are the best for making a smoothie?

The biggest tip I read in the last years was to freeze bananas. Because it is so hard to have perfect ripe banana at home all the time. I freeze them peeled in cubes when they are on the best point. Pick them up directly from the freezer is such a benefit because the smoothies get cold after mixing. I also freeze kale to have it during all seasons at home. So bananas are really really the best fruit for a smoothie. I often mix up banana with other fruits. Banana makes a smoothie also more creamy as an apple. I also often use frozen berries which I combine with ingredients to make a smoothie creamy.

4. Can I really add vegetables or greens in my smoothie?

To use a smoothie to eat more vegetables during the day is such a great idea! I need to learn who to add greens and vegetables to get a smoothie I really like to drink. Because drinking a smoothie which taste like a zucchini is not my favorite. My perfect smoothie need to be sweet. So my trick is only to add some leafs or a piece of zucchini. You don’t taste it but you get all the healthy benefits. It works really good! Greens are the best source of secondary plant substances and chlorophyll which are so healthy for your body.

5. What do you use to get a creamy smoothie?

First of all: Don’t use to much liquid. Whatever you use! Don’t use to much! There are a few tricks to get a creamy perfect smoothie. First one is to soak nuts, seeds, grains or buckwheat overnight. Second is to use ripe bananas and third is to use nut milk instead of water. Fourthly is to add avocado because avocado is one of the creamiest fruit on the planet. And my last tip is to use a good blender to mix it up. I started with a good blender but since I have my Vitamix my smoothies are on the top of creaminess.

I hope my smoothie tips will help you to prepare your perfect smoothie my friends!

Here you find some of my favorite smoothie recipes:

Perfect Smoothie

Blueberry Amaranth Smoothie

Creamy Kale Detox Smoothie nab Perfect Smoothie

Creamy Kale Detox Smoothie

Kurkuma Cashew Smoothie NEU Perfect Smoothie

Turmeric Cashew Smoothie with Lemon

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How to make sweet walnutmilk

Walnutmilk – Ultra-Delicious-Tasty-Super-Amazing-Stunning-New-Basic-Food-Without-I-Would-Die!
I am SO happy to have this milk in my recipes.
And I am sure others will call me crazy because I am so happy about a NUTMILK! But I feel super alive when I discover new food, recipes or ingredients.
I am also sure some of you totally understand me ;o). Foodimaniaaaaa!

At the moment I make a research about dairy milk because I get ask why I stopped drinking dairy milk very often. I will write a blog post about my opinion to share my feeling and findings. In the meantime I share this easy and healthy walnutmilk recipe with you which I prepare 3 times a week to use it in muesli or smoothies. In the beginning of drinking nut milk I started with a classic almond milk. Because it taste so good I don’t want to try out another and miss my almond milk. The end result was almond milk for months. I don’t see walnutmilk very often and I asked myself if it would taste really good because of the light strong walnut flavor. Now I am so happy I created this easy version because I can’t stop drinking in.
Maybe it’s my next milk for the next months :o).


Sometimes I felt too lazy to prepare my own milk and I bought it. During this time I cook not that much and I’m sitting in my blue chair most of the time to read my fantasy and science-fiction books (yeahhhhh… I am a totally Avatar, Lord of Rings, Tributes of Panem and Game of Thrones!). My cats are with me in these lazy times. I love them. This time and my cats!

In this time I heard about the unhealthy effect of nut milk, the people told me “Why are you drinking nut milk? It’s unhealthy! I read an article in the press about it!” No guys it isn’t, you only need to take care which QUALITY you buy. Please please don’t trust any publications without make a little research. The press can make us so stupid. I learned that they are many differences in the bought quality. You can get healthy nut milk in organic stores. These ones I found in normal supermarkets are full of unhealthy ingredients. Have a look on the ingredients bevor you buy nut milk. Much more better is to make it by yourself. But I know sometimes we don’t have time or we are too lazy to make it.

You can store home-made milk up to 3 days in the fridge and it is so delicious and you can sweeten it however you want. I prefer my milk sweet and add some dates. It is up to you how sweet you like it.

Walnuts are one of the healthiest food. They contains more than 2/3 healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids which are very very good for your body.

You need round about 10-15 minutes to prepare your milk and nothing more than walnuts, water, dates and a laundry bad. You can also use a special nut bag. They are a bit more expensive. I never used a nut bag, I stared with a laundry bag and never changed it because it works very well.

Recipe Sweet Walnutmilk

For 0,75 Liter

250g Walnuts
1 Liter Water
4 Dates



  1. Soak the walnuts overnight in 1 Liter fresh water.
  2. Rinse them in the morning.
  3. Mix them together with 1 Liter fresh water and dates.
  4. Strain the milk carefully through a nut or laundry bag and use a big bowl to collect the milk.



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Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte without coffee, super healthy and super delicious!

Do you know matcha?

If not you definitely missed something in your diet which is really nutritious and healthy. The first time I drank matcha was 2 years ago while I searched for an option to coffee because coffee often makes me too nervous.

I can drink an espresso but I don’t drink coffee that often. Crazy, right?! Matcha is one of the best options to coffee. Matcha is just 100% pure green tea leaves stone ground into a fine powder.

What is it different to regular green tea?

With regular green tea, you brew hot water with tea leaves but then throw them out afterwards. With matcha, you consume the whole tea leaf along with all its green goodness (I know, how have we not been doing that all along?!) On top of that, matcha tea bushes are grown specially under cover which increases the chlorophyll and amino acid levels in the leaves even further. Matcha can have the nutritional value of up to 10 cups of regular green tea and up to 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea!

The potential health benefits of green tea are well known and include:

  • increased focus and concentration
  • higher energy levels
  • enhanced metabolism
  • stronger immune system
  • clearer skin
  • general improved wellbeing

Matcha is not the most cheapest food ingredient. So if you like to test it, you can get 15% discount by using the code nutsandblueberries15 when you order by www.matchamaiden.com.

DSC_0090 - Kopie - Kopie

Matcha Latte

250ml Almon Milk
1 tsp Matcha
2-3 Dates
1 tsp ground vanilla Vanille


  1. Use a Bamboo Broom or a Teaspoon to stir the matcha with a pinch of warm water.
  2. Remove lumps.
  3. Heat up the milk in a pan and add Dates and vanilla
  4. Mix the milk with the ingredients and add the matcha
  5. Enjoy!

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Caramalized apple crunch with yoghurt

During the winter month I often eat warm or hot breakfast bowls in combination with cold fruits, ice cream or yoghurt. For example this Caramalized apple crunch with yoghurt.

One of the best breakfast topping you can use are roasted nuts or seeds. It is so easy to roast them in a pan and use them within the next days. Roasting release the lovely flavors. It is such a great preparation.

An “upgrade” idea is to fry the nuts and seeds in coconut oil and caramelize them with honey. I got the idea from the famous greenkitchenstories and mixed them up with fresh yoghurt.

Nuts and seeds are full packed with healthy fatty acids and lots of high quality protein. Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is very good for healthy skin and hair. Furthermore they are very rich in magnesium. Magnesium is necessary for healthy bones and energy production.

I add different spices to the fried nut and seed mix. A great combination is vanilla and cinnamon. Take care the cinnamon don’t gets to dominant to taste also the vanilla flavor. Oh I love vanilla. I add vanilla nearly to every breakfast I eat.

Caramalized apple crunch with yoghurt, I try to mix up my fruit diet within the week to get the different nutrients of the different fruits. I often use bananas in smoothies so I need to change the fruit when I make my porridge or chia pudding. For these bowls I often use apples. Fried apples are really one of the best fruits in the world. They taste so much different to a fresh apple. When they get more soft the taste change to another level of sweetness.

Apples contains antioxidants and such a big volume of vitamin C. I mixe up fresh apples and fried one in this apple crunch because they have different textures in your mouth. A really lovely taste adventure you need to try for sure!

Apple Crunch nab

Caramalized apple crunch with yoghurt

Serve 1

2 small apples (or 1 big)
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp coconut oil
3 tbsp sunflower seeds
3 tbsp pumpkin seeds
2 tbsp chopped hazelnuts
1/2  tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground vanilla
pinch of salt
150ml yoghurt
fresh fruits (grapes)

  1. Chop the apple/s in small cubes and share in two portions.
  2. Heat the coconut oil in a pan over medium heat and fry half of the apples, nuts and seeds over medium heat in a pan for 5-7 minutes until the apples are soft and the nuts / seeds get golden. Take care of burning!
  3. Add honey, cinnamon, vanilla and salt and let simmer for 1 more minutes. Serve with yoghurt and fresh fruits.

Apple Crunch nab (2)

Cherry Red Beet Porridge

5 portions vegetables and fruits are the best to provide your body with all he need for a strong healthiness. I start to work with these rates a few years ago and optimized my vegetable consumption a lot and the results are amazing! Smoothies are such a great way to integrate more veggies! I feel really better since I changed my diet and I meet a lot of people who have a lot afflictions like flatulence or stomachache. I am really sure they could avoid many of these afflictions by changing their diet.

When I was a child I ate so many sweets and fast food, drank a lot of cola and my dietary habits were so confused. That was the reason why I was ill every week and looked like a ghost. My skin wasn’t healthy and my hair really dry. I don’t slept well and I can’t concentrate myself very good. Everybody needs to make his own experiences to realize what’s good for him and what not. The most important thing is to hear to the own body, he tell us what he need.

I like to talk more about my lifestyle and how I changed my lifestyle in the last years. I will let you know what I’m doing to feel better.

But first I like to share this creamy red beet recipe with you and inform you about the health benefit. I don’t like a water consistency in my smoothies so I add soaked nuts, oats or yoghurt to make it more creamy. My smoothies are often my breakfast, it need to keeps me full until lunch time.

I really use a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables but sometimes I haven’t something at home or the things I need haven’t season. That’s the time I use pulverized versions like red beet powder. In that way I don’t need to miss the health benefits of the amazing vegetables and fruits. Most of the time vegetables.

Red beet is one of the healthiest food in the world! Beets are a unique source of phytonutrients called betanin. Betanin is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.
Full packed with vitamins like vitamin B1, B2 and B6 as well as vitamin C red beet is a perfect source for pure healthiness.

Cherry Red Beet Porridge nab

Cherry Red Beet Porridge

2 tbsp oats (soaked overnight in oat milk or almond milk)
1 tsp red beet powder or 1/4 fresh red beet
1 banana
50g cherries (frozen or fresh)
50 ml oat milk (or other milk of your choice)
2 Dates

fresh Berries or Cherries

  1. Mix all together in a high speed blender and top with yoghurt and fresh friuts.
  2. Enjoy!

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