Plantbased Diet – Interview Series Part 3

Since I started my food blog one year ago I focused myself more on a plant-based diet. I got so many questions about that kind of diet that I decided to make an interview with my favorite plant-based, vegetarian or vegan food blogger. All these girls with wrote down their answers to help to understand this wonderful life style. I follow them since my Instagram wholesale mlb jerseys and Blog journey, cooked a lot of their recipes and love their work. Every single girl is really special, authentic and have her own style.

The interview includes 4 questions. I will publish one every week from today.


  1. How do you describe “plant based”?
  2. Why and when have you decided to live “plant based”?
  3. What is your cheap nfl jerseys favorite “plant based” meal?
  4. What is your tip for others who like to live more “plant based”?

Interview Partners:

Maya                                      Niki                                    Marie                                  Tiina

Maya is a plant-based mum from Croatia свою and my first “connection” on Instagram. She is also running a plant based-food blog where you can feel the healthy spirit immediately.

Niki is a plant-based food lover, based in the UK. I adore her Blog and Instagram work. Her recipes are always really special.

Marie live in San Francisco and is working as a food photographer and shares her passion of plant-based cooking on her Blog and Instagram feed.

Tiina is a vegan mum of 2 from Finnland. She creates the most beautiful and colorful food I’ve ever seen.


Interview Series – Part 3
What is your favorite “plant-based” meal and why?


“My favorite plant based meal is definitely a Buddha bowl: a nourishing bowl wholesale jerseys filled with rainbow colored vegetables, grains, plant-based sources of protein such as legumes or organic tofu, some healthy fats from avocado/nuts/seeds, and fermented foods (sauerkraut is my fav). There are a thousand ways to make a Buddha bowl, from leftovers and whatever you find from your fridge. One of my family’s favorite Buddha bowl has crispy tofu, the recipe can be found here:

“The sweet potato tacos with mint cilantro salsa is wholesale nfl jerseys one of my favorite recipes that I always make when I have friends Word over. It was one of the first meals I cooked for my entire family and within minutes they devoured the whole plate! That’s when I realized how Mr. easy it is to turn people on to eating with more plants. This recipe is a great intro meal for incorporating more veggies into your life. Sweet potatoes create a filling base while the mint salsa adds a lovely bite of freshness to the tacos.

“Oh, this is a tough one!! I love so many different plant based meals, sweet and savory, MuhmadEmad the list is really endless. But since I’m more wholesale mlb jerseys on the savory side, maybe I would go with something of Asian flavors like curries, stir frys, soba noodles, ramen…” Here’s one of the recipes you can find on my blog:

“There’s so many! It will have to be curry dish as I really love spicy food. My favourites are usually packed with pulses and veg so that you get all the nutrients and protein you need. My current favorite is my cauliflower rice and pea curry which combines some of my favourite ingredients (cauliflower, peas and spinach).  If im in an Indian restaurant (which is pretty much every week as we have so many table amazing Indian restaurants in Birmingham) my favourites are; tarka dhal, chana masala, saag dishes and of course dosas. You find my Curry here:


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