Blueberry Acai Berry Ice Cream

Look at this amazing colorful BLUEBERRY ACAI BERRY ICE CREAM. No this Ice Cream isn’t UNHEALTHY! It is total healthy because it’s made from frozen bananas and frozen blueberries. It is such an adventure for me to discover all these wonderful opportunities to enjoy my food without feeling bad. Everybody needs to learn a lot to reconstruct life for a better life balance. I really enjoy all the connections I made in the last year via social media because I met a lot of people feeling the same. Who wants to change, who wants to discover, who wants to live more healthy.

Back to the Ice Cream. My hubby is a totally Ice addict. I prefer warmer treats but I am open to try out new things so I made a healthy violet ice cream with lots of healthy ingredients and some nutritious ACAI powder from Proteinworld ( ACAI powder has amazing health benefits. In that case I use it very often not least because I really love that wonderful strong color. Remember me of a rainbow and happiness. And food is happiness right? We need to eat every day so why nor preparing is pretty to enjoy it much more? I already used ACAI in my ACAI mousse. You find the recipe here: ACAI BERRY MOUSSE WITH YOGHURT. ACAI Berry is a full packed antioxidant-rich fruit. I talked about skin protect food in my last post and for sure, this ACAI Berry is one of the best to protect skin. Many famous beauty products are carrying ACAI as well. It is used to some Anti-Aging products because it is full packed with many forms of plant antioxidants. This Berry is also really immune-boosting because it’s very high in Vitamin C.

This Ice Cream is made with healthy cashew nuts which contains good fatty acids and protect your skin as well because of the high Vitamin E Level. Dates are the perfect sweetener for treats like Ice and the bananas are perfect for the creaminess. You can store the Ice cream in the fridge and serve with fresh berries. It is so easy to make if you have a blender. You don’t have a blender and think about to buy one? My food blogger friend Lynn wrote an article about my favorite blender Vitamix. Check it out here if you are interested: Best Blender

By the way. The best I discovered a few months ago was to freeze banana in pieces. You easily peel them and freeze them in cubes to have them ready for a cold shake or ice cream.

Now I’m happy to share this delicious healthy Ice Cream Recipe with you guys:


3 small bananas, frozen
100g blueberries, frozen
50g Cashew Nuts
Pinch of Almond Milk (or any other milk you prefer)
2 Dates

1 tbsp ACAI Powder


  1. First crash the cashew nuts in a blender before you add the other ingredients
  2. After that add the dates and mix a bit
  3. Add the rest but only a pinch of almond milk to make sure it gets not too liquid
  4. Mix until you get a creamy ice cream

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