Plantbased Diet – Interview Series Part 1: How do you describe „plant based“?

Since I started my food blog one year ago I focused myself more on a plant-based diet. I got so many questions about that kind of diet that I decided to make an interview with my favorite plant-based, vegetarian or vegan food blogger. All these girls wrote down their answers to help to understand this wonderful life style. I follow them since my Instagram and Blog journey, cooked a lot of their recipes and love their work. Every single girl is really special, authentic and have her own style.

The interview includes 4 questions. I will publish one every week from today.


  1. How do you describe „plant based“?
  2. Why and when have you decided to live „plant based“?
  3. What is your favorite „plant based“ meal?
  4. What is your tip for others who like to live more „plant based“?

Interview Partners:

Maya                                      Niki                                    Marie                                  Tiina

Maya is a plant-based mum from Croatia and my first “connection” on Instagram. She is also running a plant based-food blog where you can feel the healthy spirit immediately.

Niki is a plant-based food lover, based in the UK. I adore her Blog and Instagram work. Her recipes are always really special.

Marie live in San Francisco and is working as a food photographer and shares her passion of plant-based cooking on her Blog and Instagram feed.

Tiina is a vegan mum of 2 from Finnland. She creates the most beautiful and colorful food I’ve ever seen.

Plantbased Interview Series 1
How do you describe „plant based“?

„I would say that my definition of a balanced plant based diet is little more extensive then just eating plants. What I think is very important is that we eat and cook according to seasons and mostly food that suits our climate. I emphasize here „mostly“ or as a base – something we eat every day. It is ok to make exceptions, but for example I wouldn’t recommend eating nicecream every day (especially during winter), or very often for those who live in Temperate and Mediterranean climate, like I do.

Now to explain my plantbased diet: I try to eat a lot of locally grown vegetables (at least 50% of the food I eat), smaller amount of fruits, a small amount of grains (that mostly rice, millet, oats and pseudo grains – quinoa, amaranth, teff and buckwheat), legumes, seeds and nuts, algae and fermented soy products (miso, shoyu, tempeh, tofu). The ways of cooking change depending on a season too. During winter I eat mostly cooked food (roasted, baked, fried, cooked and small amounts of raw) while in warm and hot parts of the year I enjoy the cooling food: mostly raw or shortly cooked food and lots of fruits, fruit juices, salads… This gives my body a needed balance and keeps me fit and healthy.“

„I would describe my diet as plant based and it involves eating mainly plants; vegetables, fruit, pulses, grains, nuts and seeds etc basically eating natural organic seasonal food wherever possible. Luckily this way of eating feels very natural to me and is exactly the type of food I love to eat so that helps! And it makes me feel great.“

„To me, plant based is simply taking fruits and vegetables and using them in creative ways. It doesn’t have to be complicated or make you feel confined to a certain style of food; instead it should help you to see vegetables in a new way. Turning a beet into a vibrant pink chia pudding or using sweet potatoes as a base for a twist on traditional tacos are great places to start. For me, it’s all about experiencing movement, color and taste through plant based foods.“

„Plant based for me means a healthy diet consisting mostly of plants: all kinds of (seasonal) vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. In short plant based could be described as wholesome REAL food, which comes from the earth. It is not processed food, and it’s not produced in factories. An important aspect of plant based for me is not harming animals in any way.“

plantbased nab

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