Ellen from @ellencharlottemarie

EDM_2925-20151107-091904176As some of you already know I am really active on Instagram with swaping food ideas. I already met so many lovely People there. Such a really nice community.

Last week I got one porridge inspiration from my lovely healthy belgium friend @ellencharlottemarie. Ellen is one of the most talented food photographers and always a big source of inspiration. Her food pictures are always full of perfection. She is a wonderful mum of two beautiful Boys a a freelance photographer and a waterski champion.

Ellen is a real coconut Lover, you find a lot of recipes with coconut but her recipe creations are always very rich in variety and I love reading her ideas every day.

With the consent of Ellen I’m happy to add one of my absolutely recipes recipe to my blog. You find the recipe here: Cinnamon Buckwheat Oat Porridge




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